Horseback Riding Adventures with Centaura

Centaura is way more than great horseback riding. Centaura is about proud, fine, well-trained animals. It is about having a small country blessed with one of the most diverse, natural and pristine territories in the world as our backyard — to play around riding our horses. It is about experiencing the freedom, sincerity, and friendliness of our people that have made Costa Rica a peaceful retreat from a turbulent world.

There may be a few other places left on our planet with these unique ingredients, but we know of only one — Costa Rica.

Horseback riding with Centaura is a trip back in time. It is about sharing a lifestyle. It is simply the best of horses, the best of people and the best of places to ride in Costa Rica.



Centaura and La Finca

Centaura started out running One Day and Half Day Rides. The name of our Ranch is La Finca.

Then we developed the Multi-Day and The Full Horseback Riding Vacations and little after that (to our surprise) people began asking for lodging.  Well, we listened, and with the help of a couple from Chicago (Sam & Mary), we started our first Villa. This is how La Finca Lodge was born.

More than a place to live and work, Centaura and La Finca are an identity. It is the place where our family grows, where we inherited and passed on the values, the hard working ethics and the respect for others and their work.
This is the kind of place we have at Centaura, great accommodations, superb horses, amazing rides and unique adventures. Private, safe, peaceful, surrounded by nature and wildlife;  a place like no other, a little piece of the Real Costa Rica.


 San Carlos, La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano

And we got lucky because Centaura (La Finca) is located outside of La Fortuna – Arenal Volcano, one of the most diverse and richest areas of the country. Land of contrast, with high mountains and impressive volcanoes, hot springs, cloud forest, rain forest, waterfalls, rivers running down to the flat lands, nature everywhere…

Come and visit us. Let us show you why we love it so much.