Why Centaura?

Horseback Riding Adventures with Centaura

At one point we had so many horses that we had to figure out how to make money to pay the bills. (That’s a joke because you never make money when you have horses — but we like fooling ourselves.) That is how we started. Pure passion for Horses!

Our Horseback Riding Adventures are for all people and all riding levels. We have many horses, with different breeds, sizes, gaits, and temperaments and we assure you that we can tailor our rides and horses to please from the most experienced rider to those who have never been on a horse before.

We have been selected as one of the best operators and horse destinations of the world by CNN and featured in a full-length horseback riding TV show by Equitrekking. You can see the video (which won an Emmy Award) by clicking on the link.




Riding with Centaura:

All our rides are private with a bilingual / naturalist guide and when we take more than four people, or there are young children in the group, we go with two guides for safety.

Since all our rides are private and customized, the guide selects the best route for your level and riding skills.

We love having properly schooled riders, horse riders who look like they are one with the horse, with perfect movements and balanced bodies. But we also love having people who have never ridden a horse before. And kids too!  

The key for a great ride starts by matching the rider with the horse…and we are really good at that!