Half Day Rides

Half Day Rides

They are all based at Centaura Farm.

Ride in the countryside, crossing rivers, on trails in the middle of the rain forest, across pastures, through sugar cane or pineapple fields, on dirt roads and small villages and up into the hills.

For half a day or a full day, the key for a great ride starts by matching the rider with the horse…and we are really good at that!

All our rides are private with a bilingual / naturalist guide and when we take more than 4 people, or there are inexperienced kids in the group, we go with 2 guides for safety.

Since all our rides are private, the guide selects the best route for your level and riding skills.



  • $90 per person (minimum 2 people)
  • If you are a solo rider, the rate for half a day ride is $140
  • We start in the morning at 8:00am and finish before 12 (noon) and in the afternoon we start around 1:30 pm and finish by 5:30pm
  • Private ride with a bilingual guide
  • Drinks and fresh fruits included
  • Transportation from La Fortuna to our Ranch is $60 round trip
  • Transportation from other areas is available for an extra fee



Helmets are provided and highly recommended (mandatory if under 18 years old)

What to wear:

LONG PANTS that can get wet, plus tennis shoes (we might cross a river). Lightweight light color loose-fitting shirts are most comfortable, sun glasses and a hat or cab (the sun can be pretty intense).

Don’t forget SUNSCREEN and BUG SPRAY.