Our Horses

Our Horses

Costa Rica’s horse quality is renowned; we specialized on Paso Fino Horses and Costa Rican Pasos (also called Criollos). Both breeds are small and sure-footed, a big contrast to the large American saddle horses. The Criollo is a cross between several Spanish breeds and the Peruvian stepping horses. Many reach only 12 to 14 hands with hearts and spirits that defy their size.

Centaura’s horses are very different from rental horses in Costa Rica and most horse operations in the world. We’ve selected our horses for gait, behavior, and spirit.

We treat our animals with respect and maintain our horses with the quality options that ensure longevity and good health (it makes sense to protect our investment, and it makes us feel good to reward good service with good care. The difference in treatment of horses is very obvious once you see horses used in rental operations.


Our high-stepping dancer gives you her heart and soul every time you ride her. Very well trained and perfect for very experienced riders because she listens to every signal you give her via legs and reins. Costarricense de Paso (Spanish with Peruvian)



In automobile terminology, he is a Twin engine, V8, Turbo injected. He flies.  Pinolero is 100 % Paso Fino, and he will take you to the Moon and back. Without a sweat.
It does not take much to figure out that he follows nobody.



You have to see this horse showing off in every step he does. High stepping dancer with a great smooth gait.  Arched neck, ears up. All about him is looks and class.  Costarricense de Paso



EVERYBODY LOVES PIÑATA.  Half Appaloosa, half Peruvian, she molds to you. Great with kids, great with rodeo riders. She adapts to you; it’s like she can read your spirit. All we have to say about her is that we wish we could clone her.



Another mare that comes with a guarantee for sweetness. She simply does what you want her to do. Great with kids and beginning riders. Half Peruvian, half Costarricense de Paso



What an amazing horse, he does what you want him to do, with no signals no nothing from you — he simply feels how you are leaning. He is also an Ibero horse (half Costarricense, half Spanish) and for his size, he has an amazing soft gait.



One of our favorite horses for young children – she just seems to know when to behave well. Peruvian with Costarricense de Paso



She has earned her spot as one of the prime all around horses in Centaura. Half quarter, half Peruvian, she is great from kids to experienced riders who prefer not having to hold back with the reins constantly.



By far the smoothest gated horse we have, 3/4 Peruvian. He can not stay still, no matter what. He is playful, and he always wants it his way. For expert riders who like valiant horses



He is our all terrain horse, Criollo, strong, sweet temper. Great for kids and to build confidence with new riders.



Our sweet, gentle giant. He is the biggest nibbler ever He is Paint Quarter Horse (He might be a little bumpy, but you’ll ride with class and elegance)



Our pony horse, she is fantastic with little kids, super quiet, patient, and so sweet. You would not believe that such a tiny horse has such a big heart.



Playful and energetic young gelding. You have to expect the unexpected with this horse.  He moves and dances all the time.  You need to be a spirited rider to bring out the best in him. Half Peruvian with a great soft gait.



High stepping Peruvian mare. Her elevations (front and rear) are out of this world. She is such a balanced horse and a pleasure to watch and even more to ride.



He has participated in a couple of rein contest, so you can imagine how good he listens to your commands. He’s high stepping and a big show off. Ibero (half Spanish, half Costarricense de Paso)



The Same group of Jardinero and Ranchero. All terrain horse. He never looses his energy, always forward.  Very mature and calm horse.



Another of our all terrain horses.  He’s a big Appaloosa horse so we use him for our big tall riders. Sweet and gentle.



One of our Belgian draft horses pulls the governor’s carriage to weddings, to fiestas, to celebrate great-grand dad’s birthday.



The other Belgian. We also ride them in Topé events so we can tower above all the other horses. So if you need a horse 19 hands high, these girls will do just fine.




We have more pets:



Our Water Buffalo, but do not tell him because he believes he is a big dog.
And, believe it or not, we ride him.



What can we say about him; he eats and eats and eats. He also sleeps a lot and snores like a train at full speed. Besides that, I do not think he does anything useful, except all the horses like him to sleep in their stalls.



Gitana runs the whole operation — or so she thinks. She especially likes to sneak into your villa and enjoy dinner with you. Often found with Mariano (in photo) closely attached.